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ANYGO Series-8KW 10KW 12KW Three-phase hybrid solar inverter

●3-Phase Hybrid Inverter Compatible with lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries and other battery access methods
●With battery reverse connection protection function, compatible with backflow prevention function
●Support diesel generator access
●Support one type of load priority power supply
●IP65 protection level, low noise <35dB
●Support full power discharge and automatic management of battery charging and discharging
●Dimension W*D*H (mm): 530*200*600
●Weight (kg): 29
●Certification: CE, TUV

Hybrid Inverter 3 Phase Input parameters (PV)
●Hybrid Charge Controller Maximum power (kW): (R8KH3: 10.4) (R10KH3: 13 ) (R12KH3: 15.6)
●Maximum DC voltage (V): 1000
●MPPT Voltage range(V): 180~850
Maximum input current of single MPPT(A): 12.5
Number of MPPTs/maximum number of parallel strings per MPPT: 12.5
●Number of MPPTs/maximum number of parallel strings for each: 2/1
Output parameters (AC)
●Maximum output power (kVA): (R8KH3: 8.8) (R10KH3: 11) (R12KH3: 13.2)
●Maximum output current (A): (R8KH3: 12.7) (R10KH3: 15.9) (R12KH3: 19.1)
●Grid voltage range(V):400/360~440
●Grid frequency(Hz):50 /60
●Power factor:0.8 over ~0.8 lag
●Grid connection type: 3W+N+PE

Output Power

10KW, 12KW, 8KW

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