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Серия EGB – Домашнее хранилище энергии 5 кВт/ч

● Rated power: 5.3kWh
●Available power: 4.8kWh
● Battery capacity: 100Ah
● Battery pack connection: 1 ~ 6 packs in parallel
●Nominal voltage range: 51.2V (48-57.6V)
●Charge and discharge current: 75A / 0.75C (max 75A)
● Protection class: IP 54
● size (W * D * H mm): 380 * 170 * 610
●Weight: 45kg
●Warranty period: 10 years warranty

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Home energy storage system 5KW specification parameters:

●Optimize dynamic MPP algorithm to improve solar energy utilization
●Optimized hardware and software with up to 98.7% efficiency
●Operates at full load in the temperature range of -30°C to +55°C
●Reactive power is adjustable, power factor range 0.9 lead ~ 0.9 lag
●Zero voltage and low voltage ride-through capabilities
●Reactive power compensation is subject to grid instructions
●Motion graphic LCD display for easy monitoring

Серия EGB - Домашнее хранилище энергии 5 кВтч

Серия EGB - Домашнее хранилище энергии 5 кВтч

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