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300MW ,SOLAR PLANTS was installed at Tokyo, Japan

Big FARM installed thousands of high quality 550w monocrystalline PV modules composition and mounting system with high efficiency conversion, equipped with 25% energy storage, in a 300MW solar power plant in Tokyo, Japan.

40kw,Rotterdam Netherland

40kw,Rotterdam eight EOP 5000 inverters track the max convert Transformation are chosen by a household in Rotterdam,Netherland for their roof pv panels with off-grid residential storage inverters system. Anygap EOP PV inverters and battery EHB48100PB for residential solar plants.


10 EGS was choosen by industrial park in Karachi ,Pakistan for commercial solar plants,EGS Series-30KW 20KW 15KW Commercial Storage System

500MW, Capital , Myanmar

500MW Government solar plants was installed by Anygap solar plants sytem with 10% batteries with integrated technology 40foot container system of 1.75MWh batteries as backup
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