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EGB Series 7.16kwh-28.66kwh High Voltage Stacking Battery

ANYGAP stacking battery EGB series is a high voltage battery that offers multiple energy storage options through an expandable modular design (2-8 modules combined), which further simplifies installation. The safest battery cell technology (LFP) comes with a high charging rate, ensuring superior performanceand supplying robust power for daily life.

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Product Features:

1.Extendable during lifetime Support 2~8 modules per unit,7~28 kWh capacity range

(2)High performance:
1.90% usable energy 35A continuous charge and discharge current

(3)Safety and easy installation:
1.Lithium iron phosphate battery
2.Multi-stage protection design
3.Plug and play, wireless connection between modules

Product Description:
1、The EGB series by ANYGAP is a high voltage stacking battery that offers multiple energy storage options through an expandable modular design, making it easy to install and use. This battery uses the safest LFP technology, providing superior performance and robust power for daily life.

2、One of its key features is the flexibility it offers with extendable lifetime support and capacity ranging from 7 to 28 kWh. Users can choose to combine 2-8 modules per unit, depending on their energy storage needs.

3、The EGB series also delivers high performance with a 90% usable energy rate and 35A continuous charge and discharge current, ensuring reliable and stable power supply even during high load situations.

4、Safety is a top priority for ANYGAP, and the EGB series is no exception. The Lithium iron phosphate battery is designed with multi-stage protection, guaranteeing the safety of both users and the environment. Plus, the plug and play feature with wireless connection between modules makes installation an easy and hassle-free process.

5、The EGB series by ANYGAP is an innovative stacking battery solution for users looking for a flexible, high-performance, and safe energy storage option for their daily life.

Output Power

10.75KWH, 14.33KWH, 17.92KWH, 21.50KWH, 25.08KWH, 28.66KWH, 7.16KWH

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