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EGBS Series – 50V Battery Module Energy Storage

●Serial mode:1P16S
●Standard charge/discharge rate:25A (0.5C)
●Nominal voltage:51.2V
●Battery voltage range:36.4~58.8V
●Nominal capacity:50Ah
●Nominal power:2.56kWh
●Cooling method:Forced air cooling
●Balancing mode:Passive balancing
●Operating temperature range: charging 0~40℃, discharging: -10~45℃
●Weight: <25Kg

●Battery type: lithium ion, lithium iron phosphate, lithium phosphate ion (LiFePO4)
●Product name:Lithium iron phosphate Lifepo4 battery
●Cycle life:6000times
●Use: Electronic equipment
●Battery size: 10KWH
●Capacity: 50Ah
●Voltage: 48V lifepo4 battery

EGBS Series - 50V Battery Module Energy Storage

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