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An inverter is like a CPU, the brain of the solar system. Why?

Because it is responsible for converting the direct solar current into alternating current so that it can be used to operate different appliances.

There are different types of inverters in the market today which be used with solar systems. However, the inverter that is getting popular these days is the “Hybrid Inverter. “Now, in order to decide whether you should go for a hybrid inverter or not, it is important that first, you need to understand the difference between hybrid inverter and normal inverter.

This is what we are going to discuss in this blog, we will explain how these two inverters are different from each other so that you can decide which inverter is suitable for you.

So, stay tuned, and let’s get into the blog,

Difference between a Hybrid inverter and normal inverter

Starting with the basics


A normal or standard inverter is a device that uses control circuits, transformers, and batteries to convert direct current into an alternating current. Whereas on the other side a Hybrid inverter does the same job converting direct current into an alternating current but it does not depend on any circuits or transformers as they are intelligent inverters that can work simply by plug-and-play.

Installation Cost

The installation cost of a hybrid inverter is higher as compared to a normal inverter because you need to do the internal wiring in your house for using the hybrid inverter. For example, if you want to convert your fan, bulb, or AC to solar power you need to do the wiring for all.

Whereas, if you are using the normal inverter you don’t need to do the internal wiring, your inverter will directly be connected to the mains.

Dependent or Independent

A hybrid inverter is independent of any source, you don’t need any solar systems, batteries, or any source of electricity. Let me explain this to you, as we discussed earlier that hybrid inverters have built-in batteries, these batteries will continue to provide current even when it’s night and your solar power is not working. Or, if your hybrid inverter is connected with the grid it will still deliver the current even if the light is off because your hybrid inverter will keep storing the current in its inside batteries. So, if I explain it in simple words the hybrid inverter acts as a UPS. This means that hybrid inverters will not affect its operations they will continue delivering electricity to your home, offices, and factory.

Whereas talking about the normal inverter it is depended on the batteries to deliver current. And, the batteries will only be charged when there is any source of power, as the source is gone the inverter will immediately change its battery mode to “no power.”

Maintenance cost

The maintenance cost of a hybrid inverter is higher than a normal inverter because a hybrid inverter has built-in batteries which need to be changed or replaced after every 2 or 3 years. Whereas on the other side the maintenance cost of a normal inverter is

Design life

Hybrid inverters have a defined design life of approximately 5 to 6 years, whereas if you use a normal inverter with a solar system their design life is for 15 to 20 years.


Q1. Can we use a hybrid inverter for an off-grid living?

Ans.  Yes, you can even it’s best for off-grid living because you have to take batteries or solar panels you can connect the inverter directly to the grid if you want.

Q2. Which is the best Solar inverter for home use?

Ans. Here are the top 5 best solar inverters that you can use in your home

1、5KVA/48V MPPT Solar Inverter

2、5KVA/48V Solar Inverter (Lead Acid & Lithium Battery)

3、4KVA/48V Sine Wave Inverter

4、3.75KVA/48V Solar Inverter

5、2500VA/24V Solar Inverter

Q3. How long do solar inverters last?

Ans.  It depends on the type of solar inverter, but according to our rough estimate, the solar inverters last about 10 to 15 years.

Q4. Do solar inverters need maintenance?

Ans. Yes, solar inverters do need maintenance, but they work efficiently without a year’s service.

Q5. Which type of inverter is best for home use?

Ans. According to our research and experience, a pure-sine-wave inverter is best for home use as you can adjust the voltage settings according to your need at any time.


Now, that you know about the difference between a hybrid inverter and a normal inverter it’s easy for you to make your decision about whether you should buy a hybrid inverter or a normal inverter. However, both have their own advantages and disadvantages

Let’s know in the comments what you think after reading the blog which type of inverter is best. If you still have any queries related to solar panels or wanted to buy one contact us at info@anygap-renewable.com. We are one of the established solar energy consultants and hardware manufacturers that extensively design solar panels in different sizes and styles.


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