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Detailed installation guide for integrated solar panels

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As we all know that solar panels are a great source of renewable energy that gives clean environment-friendly energy. According to the stats, more than a 2.7million solar panels were installed at the end of 2020. This stat shows that the people are transforming their source of power and the use supply of fossil fuels is almost coming to an end. But it’s not just enough, the solar companies continue to improve their technology and try to make them look nice.

The “Integrated solar panel” is an innovation in solar system technology. To help you understand integrated solar panels we come up with a detailed guide in which we explain how integrated solar work and what are their benefits so let’s get into the guide,

What are integrated solar panels?

Integrated solar panels are known as “in-roof panels.” By look, they are the same as traditional solar panels. The only difference between integrated solar panels and traditional solar panels is that integrated solar panels are embedded in your roof. Unlike traditional solar panels that were installed on the top of your roof tiles by using a lot of equipment.

So, now if you want to install solar panels but can’t install them on the top of your roof then an integrated solar panel is the best solution for you.

How integrated solar panels work?

The integrated solar panels are fully automated you just need to “plug and play”. They work in the same way as traditional solar panels work the difference is only in the installation. When the sun shines the PV cells in the integrated panel absorb the sun rays.  The sunlight will create electrical charges in the cell and cause them to flow.  

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Advantages of using integrated Solar panel

1. Best-looking solar panels

Integrated solar panels are aesthetically pleasing by the look because they are installed inside your roof. The traditional rooftop panels make your house look awkward. According to the 2021 survey that is held on the appearance of solar panels, we found that about half of the people said that integrated solar panels are more attractive as they easily blend with the existing tiles and look like a natural part of your home structure.

2. Cost-effective

Although cost is an important factor but solar panels are a one-time investment that pays you off in a long time. Integrated panels were expensive in the start but as the technology is popular now so many manufacturers start selling at very affordable prices to meet your needs.  You can check our range of products we offer a wide variety of solar panels at a very economical price. So, you can expect in-roof panels to cost similar to the on-roof panels.

3. Lightweight

Standard or traditional solar panels can be too heavy for roofs because they require mounting frames which will undoubtedly add weight to your roof. That weight can cause many maintenance issues both with the building and panel. However, integrated solar panels will be installed inside your roof which means they won’t require any frame only some of the titles will be removed and replaced by panels that’s why they are lightweight.

4. Does not require any permission

Installing a traditional solar panel usually requires permission if you are living on rent by a house owner because they need to be installed on the top of the roof. On the other side, integrated solar panels do not require any kind of permission because they are flat and will easily adjust to your roof. You can even match your panel with your roof’s color scheme. In this way, you don’t need to ask for permission.

5. Low maintenance

Solar panels already require low-maintenance but integrated panels are one step ahead then solar panels. As integrated solar is embedded inside the roof without leaving any gap like the way tiles are placed in the roof. This means there will be no room for birds’ nests so they cannot damage the wiring. Moreover, they are weatherproof, waterproof, strong, and durable. 


Q1. How to fit solar panels to tiled roof?

Ans. In order to fit solar panels first of all you need to uncover some of the tiles. Now for roof installation install select the position and attach the title hooks to the desired location. Settle the aluminum rails on the hooks. Install the plates on the aluminum rails and fix the hooks.    

Q2. How to take solar panels off the roof?

Ans.  The solar panels are installed by using the mounting system or hooks so it’s very simple and straightforward to remove or replace the panels. Also, the cable is detachable, so whenever you wanted to remove the panels open the hooks of the mounting frame and detach the wire.

Q3. What is the standard solar PV panel size?

Ans. The standard solar PV panel size today is 65inches by 39 inches.

Q4. What is the solar frame price?

Ans. The average cost of the solar panel is between $1500 to $21000 however it highly depends on your roofing area.

Q5. What are the best solar panels for roofing?

Ans. Some of the top brands that offer the best solar panels are

  • Panasonic
  • LG

Canadian Solar

  • Trina Solar
  • SunPower
  • Any Gap


Technology tends to improve with time. The integrated solar panels are now slowly replacing the traditional solar panels. After reading this article, we hope that you understand how integrated circuits are different from the traditional ones and what are the benefits of using them. The integrated solar panels are best in all the ways from the standard solar panels. So, it’s time to change your living style.  But if you are confused about where should you buy integrated solar panels contact us at  info@anygap-renewable.com. We are one of the established solar energy consultants and hardware manufacturers that extensively design solar panels in different sizes and styles.

If you still have any questions, feel free to ask , we will be happy to help you. Thank you.

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