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EGB Series-24V 50ah Lead-Acid Battery System

●Warranty: 2 years
●Weight: 12.5kg
●Cycle life: 4000 times
●Power display. LCD display
●Voltage (V): 12.8
●Size (mm): 229*138*213
●Energy(Wh): 640
●Housing material: ABS
●Max.Continuius Discharge Current(A):50
●Max.Continuius charge Current(A):50

Suitable for golf carts, electric lifts, electric vehicles, power systems, solar storage systems

●Continuous operating current :100A (max.)
●Fast charging current :100A (max)
●200A Discharge :≥ 60s
●400A instantaneous discharge :1 sec (max)
●Overcurrent protection :500A
●Maximum charge current :100A
●Max. constant discharge current :100A
●Maximum instantaneous discharge current :360A (1 sec)
●Car ignition start: ≥ 220 times

EGB series-24V 50ah lead-acid battery system

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