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EGMCI Series1000kwh/250kwhContainer Power Station

●Rated Power:1000 kW
●Max. Capacity:1100kV^
●Power Factor:0.9 (lagging) ~ 0.9 (leading)
●Dimension (W/H/D):12192 x 2438 x 2896 mm
●Weight:18 T
●Operating Altitude:3000 m
●Ingress Protection:IP55
●Noise:<65 dB
●Operation Temperature:-25 °C 〜55 X:
●Storage Temperature:-40 °c ~ 70 r
●Relative Humidity:0 ~ 95 %, (Non-condensing)
●Communication Interfaces:Ethernet, RS485, CAN2.0

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●electrical energy storage Voltage Range (V^c):400 ± 10 % (Adjustable)
●energy storage systems Max. Operating Current:1590 A
●battery energy storage system Overload Capacity:1.1
●container energy storage system Rated Frequency:50 Hz
●energy storage containers Frequency Range:47 ~ 51.5 (Adjustable)
●THDI @ Rated Output :< 3 % (Rated Power)
●containerized energy storage system Power Factor:0.9 (lagging) ~ 0.9 (leading)
●Max. Capacity:1100 kS
●Rated Voltage:400 ± 5 %
●Rated Frequency:50 Hz
●Solar Energy Storage System Max.Operating Current:1590 A

Container Power Station


Output Power

1000kwh, 250kwh

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