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EGS Series-30KW Commercial Storage System

Commercial power input:
●Rated voltage:Single-phase 3-wire AC202V
●Rated current:100A
●Grid-connected capacity ※1:20kVA
●Inverse current detection accuracy :within 5% of rated output
●Battery type:Ternary lithium ion
●Rated voltage:414.4V
●Voltage range: 336~470.4V
●Protection class:IP54

● Optimized dynamic MPP algorithm, higher usage of the solar power
● Optimized hardware and software, efficiency up to 98.7%
● Full-load normal operation at temperature range of -30°C ~+55°C
● Reactive power adjustable, power factor range 0.9 leading 〜 0.9 lagging
● Zero voltage and low voltage ride through function
● Reactive power compensation obeys grid commands
● Dynamic graphic LCD display, easy monitoring
● Comprehensive operation and fault log function
● 20 years design lifespan

EGS Series-30KW Commercial Storage SystemEGS Series-30KW



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