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HHE series 50000W-hybrid inverter system

●Minimum Input Voltage DO:36OV
●Maximum Discharge Current:182 A
●Input State Grid Voltage AC:380V Output
●Rated Power:50000W
●Output Current:75Ax3
●Output Rated Voltage AC:380v +5%
●Output Frequency:50H2/60H2
●Size(mm): 600x800x1800
●Output Waveform:Pure sine wave

●Dual CPU single chip intelligent control technology, microcomputer control, humanizad design
●Output high quality pure sine wave AC power, with strong load capacity, wide application range
●With perfect protection function, greatly improve product reliability
●Adopt CPU centralized control and SMT technology
●Stable operation, low distortion, no noise, no pollution, strong resistance to load impact, simple operation, long life
●Panel menu LCD/LED display working status
●Three-stage charging function with battery type selection (optional)
●Battery overvoltage, undervoltage protection
●State grid automatic conversion (optional)
●It can automatically resume working atter the undervoltage or avervoltage change to normal,
●High conversion efficiency, high instantaneous power and low load loss
●It can achieve the connection of generator and external battery

HHE series 50000W-hybrid inverter system

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