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Multiple residential energy storage system fires in Germany and Austria in September

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According to foreign media reports, Germany and Austria in September this year, a number of residential photovoltaic systems deployed with the battery energy storage system fire incident, and in the second half of September there were five such incidents, three of which occurred in Germany, two occurred in Austria.

 The most recent fire occurred on September 29 in Kleinkar, Germany. According to a fire department report, a battery storage system that was being used in conjunction with a residential photovoltaic system in a single-family home exploded and emitted smoke due to a technical malfunction. The room in which the deployed battery energy storage system was located was affected, the incident report said.

Firefighters extinguished the blaze while the burning battery was safely cooled by immersing it in a water-filled container to prevent re-ignition. Fans were then used to clear the room of toxic smoke. While no one was injured, the home is currently uninhabitable due to smoke damage.

According to images provided by the local fire department, the batteries that caught fire may have been battery products from South Korean battery maker LG. This is similar to a battery fire in a basement that occurred on Sept. 19 in Kochel, Germany.

A spokesperson for the Kochel Fire Department said, “We found a smoking battery in the basement from a residential battery storage system that was disconnected and moved outside.”

Firefighters then submerged the battery in water in an outdoor steel container and cooled it, he said. No one was injured in the aftermath of this incident.

A third fire incident occurred in Ehrenfriedsdorf, Germany, on Sept. 26, where two people were hospitalized with injuries and a nearby highway had to be closed, but there were no details about the source of the battery storage system.

Meanwhile, Austria also experienced a number of fires related to battery storage systems during this period. One such incident occurred on September 24 in a settlement in Altach, Austria. When firefighters arrived at the scene, they found a shelter and an annex completely engulfed in flames. The fire department then quickly extinguished the blaze, but fortunately there were no injuries.

On the same day, the Feldkirchen fire department in Carinthia, Austria, responded to a basement fire. And although the fire department took photos, it is difficult to get details about the energy storage system involved in this incident. According to local media reports, residents were awakened at midnight by a loud noise and then the basement caught fire.

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