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What is 3 phase inverter?


The 3 phase inverter is a type of inverter. It is a high-power inverter power supply used in uninterrupted power supply systems. Photovoltaic power generation systems are generally divided into single-phase grid-connected power generation systems and 3 phase grid-connected power generation systems. Generally speaking, systems less than 5KW generally use single-phase grid-connected systems, and systems larger than 5KW generally use 3phase grid-connected systems. Then, what is the difference between a 3 phase photovoltaic inverter and a single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic inverter?

First, let’s understand what “phase” is? “Phase” refers to the3 phase live wires (A/B/C or L1/L2/L3). The transformer generally outputs three live wires and one neutral wire (N line), and some will also lead to a ground wire ( PE).

What is the working principle?

The working mode of any one phase of its 3 phase output and the neutral line N is the same as that of the half-bridge. The conversion circuit is basically the same. The phase difference between the output 3 phase voltages is determined by the conduction time difference of the power switch tube on each bridge arm of the 3 phase inverter. It is a high-power inverter power supply for electricity, mainly used in the military; communications; uninterruptible power supply systems in factories and enterprises.

3 phase inverter we can offer

We offer 3 phase hybrid inverters(EOPH-3PH series) and 3 phase string inverters (EOPO-3P series). The rated power range of 3 phase hybrid inverters is from 4KW~10KW, and the rated power range of 3 phase string inverters is from 30KW~60KW.

EOPH-3PH series

  • 100%  3 phase unbalanced output, with each phase capable of delivering up to 50% of the rated power
  • Support for AC coupling to retrofit existingphotovoltaic systems.
  • Frequency droop control, enabling parallel connection of up to 10 units
  • 6programmable charge/dischargetime periods

EOPO-3P series

  • 4 sets of independent MPPT trackers,Max.efficiency up to 98.5%
  • Zero export application, VSG application
  • String intel ligent monitoring (optional)
  • Wide output voltage range
  • Anti-PID function (Optional)


  • If the connecting wire is too small, it may cause a fire. Whether it’s input wires, output wires, ground wires, or battery wires. In particular, the ground wire must have sufficient wiring diameter, otherwise it will cause life-threatening danger.
  • External connection of the battery: First, identify the positive and negative poles of the battery. Connect the black cable provided by our company to the negative pole of the battery, and the red cable to the positive pole.
  • It is suitable for household appliances, air conditioning equipment, industrial equipment, etc., but is not suitable for high-precision electronic equipment and needs to be confirmed by professional technicians before it can be put into operation.
  • Do not use too thin wires, otherwise it may cause damage to the inverter or even cause a fire.

If you are looking for a 3 phase inverter, please contact us for more product information. Anygap has deep technical accumulation in the field of photovoltaic 3 phase inverters. We have a professional team to provide you with reasonable suggestions to help you find the most suitable product for you.

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