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EOPH-Single-phase hybrid inverter 3KW 5.2KW

EOPH series is a pure sine wave high frequency solar inverter built with a wide PV input range. With its extremely easy to use system, it is built for household day to day need. Compact size allows user to install it anywhere without taking up too much space. MPPT charge technolgy allows the panel easily convert the sun energy at high efficiency. It is widly used in household svstems. communication base stations. monitoring svstems,pastoral areas. 

Product Feature

Mains charging up to 60A, charging current and charging voltage can be set by LCD screen.

The maximum PV open-circuit voltage is 450.When the energy is enough, the battery can not be loaded.

With the battery over discharge, overload protection, over temperature protection, short circuit protection and other protection functions.

After the battery is discharged and the inverter is shut down, the inverter will start up automatically when the photovoltaic is restored.

With a wide range of mains input voltage, can be selected through LCD, to meet different demand.

Pure sine wave output,lt can be used for various types of loads.

With multi-mode setting function, you can select and set the priority level of PV, mains,and battery on the LCD screen.

With cold start function; Supports USB and RS485 communication functions.

WIFl in elligent monitoring function, support mobile APP to view various data (optional).

Waterproof level:IP21


Output Power

3KW, 5.2KW

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