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EOPH-Single-phase hybrid inverter 3KW 5.2KW

EOPH series is a pure sine wave high frequency solar inverter built with a wide PV input range. With its extremely easy to use system, it is built for household day to day need. Compact size allows user to install it anywhere without taking up too much space. MPPT charge technolgy allows the panel easily convert the sun energy at high efficiency. It is widly used in household svstems. communication base stations. monitoring svstems,pastoral areas. 

Solar energy is becoming more and more popular and widely used in our lives. People can choose to store solar energy or supply power to the city grid. But before that, you need to choose the right solar inverter for it.

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about hybrid inverters, including what hybrid solar inverters do, how hybrid inverters compare to other types of inverters and the home solar options hybrid inverters offer you.

What hybrid solar inverters do?

Hybrid inverter refers to on- grid inverter and an off-grid inverter integrated into one. Inside the solar inverter, there is a built-in solar charge controller, which we call a hybrid inverter. This means that with an inverter and solar charge controller in one, both solar charging and utility power can charge the battery system. If utility grid power is always off and not strong enough where you are, then a hybrid inverter is for you.

Hybrid inverters compare to other types of inverters

Common types of inverters on the market include off-grid inverters and on- grid inverters. Hybrid inverters are a new solar technology that combines the benefits of traditional solar inverters with the flexibility of battery inverters into a single device. Do you know the difference between hybrid inverter and other types? Off-grid solar inverters are used to store solar and grid power into a battery system. The main function of the inverter is to store power into the battery. When the city power grid is out of power, people can use battery power. Off-grid inverters are suitable for people who want to completely disconnect from the mains power. Instead of storing power into a battery system, a on- grid inverter delivers solar energy to the city grid. Therefore, the main function of the on- grid inverter is to deliver solar energy to the city grid.

Hybrid inverter we can offer you

About hybrid inverter, we have a series of products for choose according to your requirements, include single phase hybrid inverter and three phase hybrid inverter. The power ranges from small to large (3KW~110KW), also we accept customized services and can make the products according to your specific needs, including but not limited to appearance, size and color. The pros of our hybrid inverter as follows:

  • Frequency droop control, enabling parallel connection of up to 10 units.
  • WIFI intelligent monitoring function, support mobile APP to view various data, you canalso check important data like performance and energy production through the invertersmart panel or connected smart devices. If your system has two inverters, they must be monitored separately.
  • A full solar power installation can be a significant investment, especially if you add an energy storage system to the other individual components. A hybrid inverter is designed to integrate storage at any time, allowing you to forgo the costs of installing battery storage from the get -go. You can then more easily add the battery bank later while still enjoying the full benefits of your solar energy now.

After reading this article, believe you already have a certain understanding of hybrid inverters. If you are ready to purchase a solar system suitable for your home, please contact us immediately to get more useful information. We have been focusing on inverters and batteries for ten years, exceeding your expectations by offering innovative and sustainable solutions that make a real difference is our goal.

Output Power

3KW, 5.2KW

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