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Rapid growth in energy storage market

lithium carbonate

Recently, the prices of major raw materials such as lithium carbonate have continued to fall. Taking the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate, the positive electrode raw material for lithium iron phosphate batteries, as an example, as of January 9, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate was about 492,000 yuan/ton, which has fallen below 50. 10,000 yuan/ton mark.

  The composition of lithium iron phosphate batteries mainly includes positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials, separators, electrolytes, copper foil, aluminum foil, etc. Among them, positive electrode materials account for about 40~45% of the total cost of lithium batteries. occupy a central position.

  Lithium carbonate is the most important raw material for lithium iron phosphate batteries and has the highest price ratio. As shown in the figure below, at the beginning of 2022, the price of battery-grade lithium carbonate will be around 300,000 yuan/ton, and it will reach nearly 600,000 yuan/ton in mid-November The historical record, but then continued to fall. As of now, the price is close to the price level at the end of March 2022, but the price increase compared to the beginning of 2022 is still relatively large.

  In the past two years, with the hot and sustained rapid growth of the electric vehicle and energy storage market, with the help of future prospects and the capital market, various manufacturers are making great efforts to expand production capacity, the track is becoming more and more crowded, and some material production capacity has fallen into the structure Sex excess. As the price of lithium carbonate, the raw material for the positive electrode with the strongest raw material price, continues to decrease, the price of the main raw material for lithium iron phosphate batteries has been completely broken, such as the negative electrode material graphite, electrolyte lithium hexafluorophosphate, copper foil, PVDF, etc. Materials such as lithium hexafluorophosphate and PVDF fell by more than 50%.

Energy storage battery is the equipment with the highest price ratio in the energy storage system, accounting for about 60% of the equipment price of the energy storage system, and about 50% of the overall investment in the energy storage power station. At present, the price of energy storage batteries is about 0.85~1.15 yuan/Wh, and the price of energy storage system equipment that charges and discharges for two hours is about 1.4~1.7 yuan/Wh.

prerequisite for realizing the commercialization and large-scale application of energy storage . Taking 2022 as an example, despite the rapid development of the energy storage industry and the continuous expansion of the market scale, it is still found that more than half of the projects are stagnant or wait-and-see, and the price of energy storage system equipment is high. is one of the main reasons.

According to the main opinions of the “14th Five-Year” New Energy Storage Development Implementation Plan issued by the National Energy Administration, by 2025, the cost of electrochemical energy storage systems will be reduced by more than 30%. The decline and transmission of raw material prices are crucial to promoting the cost reduction of energy storage systems. Looking back to 2022, at the stage of rising prices of various raw materials and increasing battery costs, battery manufacturers initially mainly sacrificed profits to absorb the room for rising battery costs. When the cost rose beyond the capacity of the company and the relationship between supply and demand was out of balance, battery prices were gradually raised. , therefore, the battery price has a hysteresis in the rising stage. However, in the context of winning the bid at the lowest price for domestic energy storage projects, in the stage of raw material price reduction, with the balance of supply and demand or structural excess, it is expected that the price of raw materials will be transmitted quickly and eventually promote the reduction of bidding energy storage equipment prices.

In order to promote the commercialization and large-scale application of energy storage, it is imperative to reduce the price of energy storage systems. On the one hand, the price of energy storage batteries mainly depends on the decline in raw material prices; The cost, especially the cost of the whole life cycle.

Large-capacity and long-life batteries are the development trend of energy storage batteries. Energy storage battery manufacturers have adopted large-capacity batteries of 280Ah and above to reduce costs. For example, EVE released 560Ah batteries. Large-capacity batteries can effectively reduce energy storage system cost. At the same time, mainstream manufacturers in the industry reduce the life-cycle cost of energy storage by prolonging the number of battery cycles and delaying battery attenuation.

At present, there is still a certain gap between the energy storage cost of lithium iron phosphate battery and pumped energy storage. At the same time, the technical economy of other types of energy storage is gradually improving. How to reduce the initial investment cost and The whole life cycle cost and improving its economy are important factors to determine its future development prospects.

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