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600W+ PV, significantly lower power cost progression path

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In the policy and market double favorable, China’s https://anygap-energy.com/contact/rapid development of distributed photovoltaic in the past two years.

The National Energy Board data show that: 2021, the domestic new distributed PV installation 29.28GW,

accounting for 53.35% of the new PV installation, the first new installed capacity exceeds the centralized; the first half of 2022, the domestic new distributed PV installation 19.65GW,

accounting for 63.63% of the new PV installation, the new installed capacity again exceeds the centralized.

However, due to the imbalance between supply and demand in the industry chain, the epidemic led to multiple reasons such as manufacturing,

installation and transportation costs, the industry expects a lower cost of electricity not only did not achieve, but also showed a rising trend,

has become an important impediment to new installations, the distributed PV is an important impact.

In the case that the status quo is difficult to change in the short term, 600W+ modules with the core advantage of “four highs and one low” become a better choice for distributed.

600W+ PV, significantly lower power cost progression path

600W+ has become an industry trend

The term 600W+ mainly originated in 2021. In March of the same year, Trina Solar released the Supreme 670W module, leading the industry into the 6.0 era,

although subsequent companies have launched power super 600W modules, the industry mostly to 600W + the title of general.

With the development of time, the 600W+, which was initially slightly “potential single”, has become an industry trend and consensus along with the construction and improvement of the industrial ecology.

As an example of the more influential exhibitions in 2022.

Nearly 20 module manufacturers showcasing new 600W+ products at Intersolar Europe, Germany, May 2022.

Nearly 30 companies exhibit 600W+ products at Intersolar South American in August 2022.

Tibco’s 2022 Q2 report shows: 210 products are developing rapidly, with about 80% (56) companies having the ability to produce 210 cells, up 51% year-on-year; about 23 module companies have moved into the 600W+ category.

Its newly released industry report shows that mainstream PV companies have fully entered the 600W + era, and there are more than 40 types of 600W + products using different technologies such as PERC, HJT and TOPCon.

PV InfoLink June data forecast: by the end of 2022, 210 cells and 600W + module capacity will reach 309G, 344GW, respectively, the speed of development and recognition of the increase is evident.

600W+ “four high and one low” advantages of the overall significant

Why is 600W+ quickly becoming an industry trend?

According to Dr. Yingbin Zhang, Head of Global Product Strategy and Marketing of Trina Solar, the higher user value and lower cost of electricity consumption of 600W+ high power modules are the core drivers that are becoming mainstream in the industry.

He summarized the advantages of 600W+ as “four highs and one low”, i.e. high power, high efficiency, high power generation, high reliability, and low cost of electricity consumption.

Zhang Yingbin introduced, “four high and one low” the underlying logic from the cost of electricity, will be down to the cost of electricity.

According to the cost of electricity calculation model, reducing the initial investment of PV power plant and increasing the total amount of power generation during the life cycle of the plant is the key to reduce the cost of electricity for PV power generation

while high power, high efficiency, high power generation and high reliability of module products are the core elements to continuously reduce the cost of electricity for PV power generation.

In practice, Trina Solar has found that 600W+ high power modules are an effective way to achieve the “four highs and one low” and are opening up a new channel to reduce the cost of electricity.

Taking Trina Supreme 600W+ module as an example, the data shows that compared to the general reference modules in the industry today, its power is increased by 125W-130W

its efficiency is increased by 0.3%-0.5%, and its power generation gain per watt is in the range of 1.51%-2.1%. It passed conventional static load tests and performed in line with conventional modules.

After five stringent tests on the 600W+ modules, the results show that the modules maintain high reliability performance in extreme climates such as strong wind, snowstorm, extreme cold and hail, and that the 600W+ modules can generate electricity normally for at least 25 years of their life cycle.

However, the record-high silicon price has driven the industry chain price upward. Under this contradiction, 600W+ is undoubtedly more in line with the needs of the times and better meets the industry’s demand for low electricity costs.

600W+ PV

600W+ becomes a better choice for distributed

Although the first half of 2022 distributed installed capacity has a relatively good performance, but compared to the expected still exists a certain gap

2.0 yuan + / W component prices have become an important impediment to new installed capacity.

For “small cost” distributed PV projects, it is particularly important to choose more cost-effective components to ensure that they can successfully achieve the purpose of lower electricity costs and higher power generation.

Lower cost of electricity and higher power generation are not contradictory, but a better combination of the two is a reflection of the module’s high cost performance, and 600W+ is more in line with such requirements.

Although 400W+, 500W+ and 600W+ multi-power modules co-exist in the market today, Zhang Yingbin believes that the advantages of 600W+ modules in distributed are still obvious.

After launching 600W+ modules, Trina Solar pushed 600W+ onto the roof after thorough preparation on the product side and organization management side.

Compared with 500W+ modules in general, it can achieve savings of 4-5 cents/W in industrial and commercial power plants and 6-7 cents/W in residential power plants, which is more in line with the industry demand.

Nowadays, many provinces and regions such as Shandong, Hebei and Henan have more applications for 600W+ modules.

Trina Solar’s achievements in distributed also show that 600W+ modules are being accepted by more and more customers. According to relevant data, Trina Solar’s distributed module shipments ranked first in China in 2021, and in the first half of 2022, Trina Solar’s distributed module market share exceeded 25%.

600W+ is becoming a better choice for distributed PV power plants.

Of course, 600W+ modules are not just more suitable for distributed. It is understood that Trina Solar’s 210 Supreme module project has covered the world.

In the past two years, 210 module products, whether in household or commercial and industrial, agriculture and light complementary, fishery and light complementary, ground power station, have achieved comprehensive application.

According to statistics, as of the first half of 2022, the global 210 module shipments have exceeded 50GW, of which Trina Solar’s 210 module shipments reached 30GW.


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