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Solar Electric Inverter why is it so important?

Solar Electric Inverter

As solar power has become increasingly popular cause its renewable nature and cost-effectiveness. A solar electric inverter is he most important pieces of equipment in any solar power system. It converts direct current (DC) from solar panels into alternating current (AC) that can be used for household appliances. Without a solar inverter, you wouldn’t be able to use solar panels to power your home. Anygap offers a range of high-quality solar energy inverters from 3KW to 50KW. These solar power inverters ensure maximum energy efficiency and reliability, which can be applied to versatile facilities, for residential, industrial, commercial & utility-scale. 

The first inverters were created in the 19th century and were mechanical. A spinning motor, for example, would be used to continually change whether the DC source was connected forward or backward. In DC, electricity is maintained at constant voltage in one direction. In AC, electricity flows in both directions in the circuit as the voltage changes from positive to negative. Inverters are one example of a class of devices called power electronics that regulate the flow of electrical power. 

Today we make electrical switches out of transistors, solid-state devices with no moving parts. Transistors are made of semiconductor materials like silicon or gallium arsenide. They control the flow of electricity in response to outside electrical signals. Historically, electrical power has been predominantly generated by burning a fuel and creating steam, which then spins a turbine generator, which creates electricity. The motion of these generators produces AC power as the device rotates, which also sets the frequency, or the number of times the sine wave repeats.

We have so many types of solar electric inverter, but how should we choose the right one for home? It can be considered into several points:

Picking right installer

Solar system is too professional to most common people, could not know how to install it. Therefore, the special- purpose solar installer for the job is the other half. The price of a complete solar system is a significant expense, and you want to make sure your system is installed right the first time. A rich experience installer which has many solar projects they have installed is definetly your best choose!

Picking right inverter size

Inverter size 
should not be ignored absolutely, what you need to consider is that the inverter size should match your solar panel system to avoid efficiency and power reduction issues. Your inverter’s maximum AC power output should match the maximum power generation (DC power) of your solar array. In other words, the power of the inverter should match the power of the solar photovoltaic panels. If the wattage of your photovoltaic panels is 5 kilowatts, then the inverter should also be 5 kilowatts.

If you are still unclear about what you want to know, please feel free to contact us at any time. We are a professional solar solution designer and manufacturer, which located in Shenzhen, China. Our main products cover to multiple series of solar inverters, hybrid inverter and all -in -one energy battery system for residential, commercial/ industrial and C&I. All our products and our technical support won all our customers approval, also we have overseas warehouses and perfect after-sales service. Our goal is to continue exceeding your expectations by offering innovative and sustainable solutions that make a real difference.

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